Get Ready! Overview of first-time home buyer class, counseling, credit and how to buy a house.

Get Ready!
At FirstHomeAdvisor we help you prepare the smart way to buy your first home. We provide you information so you can make better informed decisions. Keep reading to learn more about your next steps in preparing for homeownership.

Homebuyer Counseling
Homebuyer counseling is a great service for anyone who is preparing for homeownership.  A homebuyer counselor from local non-profit housing counseling organization can help you sort out and address any barriers or challenges that stand between you and your first home. They will also help you identify any barriers and help you take the appropriate action. Most non-profit service providers include the cost of homebuyer counseling in the fee you pay for homebuyer education.  Homebuyer education services range from being free to as much as $75 on the high end.  Since everyone is different, a one size fits all approach just does not work for everyone.  A homebuyer counselor can help you get ready to buy a home of your own.  Learn more about homebuyer counseling.

Homebuyer Education
As the the saying goes...'knowledge is power."  Knowledge of the of the homebuying process, terms, players, and programs empowers first-time homebuyers to take charge of their homebuying experience and goals. By taking a reputable homebuyer education course before you start shopping for a lender or a home to purchase, you'll be in the driver's seat on your way to a home of your own. Learn more about homebuyer education.     

Individual Development Account
An Individual Development Account (IDA) is a program that helps low and very low income eligible households get in the habit of saving by matching each dollar the IDA participant saves with $1, $2, or sometimes even $3 of matching IDA grant funds.   That is the equivalent of getting a 100%, 200% or 300% return on your savings!  Once you have completed your savingings plan, you can use the IDA grant funds to buy a home of your own.  Learn more about Individual Development Accounts (IDA).

Your Credit Report and Score
One of the biggest and most common challenges first-time homebuyers face is improving their credit score. Don't worry though even if you have a lower credit score as it may not take as long as you think to raise your score.  You don't even have to have perfect credit to buy a home of your own.  Learn more about your credit report and credit score.

How to Buy a House
There are many steps in the homebuying process and it is important to understand them in order to have a good homebuying experience.   To learn more about the steps in the homebuying proces click here